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Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

  • By accessing and browsing the website, you agree to comply with the terms of use set out below. If you are a visitor to our Website and you do not agree to comply with these Terms of Use you must immediately leave this Website.

  • You acknowledge and agree that: The Content displayed or available on our Website is of significant commercial value to us; all rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Website, the Content and other images displayed on the Website, are owned by, or licensed to, us; and except as expressly stated in these Terms of Use,  no right or license is granted to you in relation to the Website, the Content, the Images or the intellectual property rights in the Website, Content or Images.

  • You may use the Website to browse Content and use the png, svg, jpg, or airbrush images made available on the Website, provided that you do not: copy any of the Content or images, unless you are permitted to do so under the Purchase Agreement;

  • You may not compile or extract Images or Content from this Website for the purpose of making such Images or Content available to others for directory purposes, for a profit, fee, other consideration; or use any trade mark in a manner that is reasonably considered by us, or our licensors, to be a misuse or misappropriation of that trade mark.

  • You may not use graphics and/or images in part or whole as a representation of your own creation for profit, for branding or otherwise. In other words graphics purchased from ALG may not be sold by the purchaser nor resold as your own work, they may not be used in part or whole as a logo, downloaded files may not be shared. Graphics purchased on ALG may not be altered then resold.  

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