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Please read.

These earrings are made of different types of paper and built in a layering method. They come standard as matte finish and are uncoated you can choose to have them coated if you would like. Coating just means with a glossy laminate like finish. 

The findings are not real gold or silver so over time they may tarnish.

 Please send high quality photos if you send a proof photo we will not edit them to remove watermarks, the project will either be denied or done as is. We will reach out to you to inform you before beginning the build if you send proof type photos weather or not we will complete the order or not. Any declined order will get an immediate refund. The price includes light editing by adding words and using the original background in the photo that you send. The back will have a glitter backing or the exact same design. If you want a different back design order the Custom listing. The price listed for custom may not be your final price it is a base price and it will go up depending on what you want and how much editing is needed on our part so please contact us if you will be needing extensive editing of multiple images and/or multiple people in one image.

Extensive means removing backgrounds adding new ones and/or adding extra people to the image that will be made for the earrings.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the turnaround time. We would reccommend you placing your order at least 2-4 weeks ahead of the time you will need the items if this is a gift. We can not guarantee that you will get them by a certain time once we send it through regular postal mail. Turnaround times may be shorter depending on the work load so it is always a plus when we can get it to you earlier than expected.


Once you receive your earrings:

***DO NOT submerge your earrings in water, or let them get soaking wet**** 

Graduate Earrings

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