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These are PNG print then cut image files.


Some files may come as one file with all the pieces attached please watch the video on our youtube channel that explains how to separate files/pieces of a graphic that are attached as one piece to make them into separate pieces.


For these bib necklace files you can use any piece you would like to make a matching pair of earrings to go with the necklace.  There are no holes in the pieces of this file so you can make holes if you'd like or you can use bail connectors to attach the pieces during your building process so that the necklace lays flat when worn.  As of now we do not have a suggested size because this can be made to your liking. We would advise you to cut the pieces as a plain cut file on plain white paper first to see what size you will like best.


How To Use/Separate Letters From Arkisha Graphics In Canva And Cricut (




3921 Bib

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