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Please Read Carefully.
This is a custom digital item there will be no refunds for misinformation on your part so please be sure you give us the correct spelling of names and the correct date of event or any other info that will be printed on the items.

Your invitation will not be like the invitation in our photo unless you have ordered one of the grad fan or chip bag products already. If you have we can use the image from that order to create a matching invitation.

It's a time to celebrate so why not do it with these beautiful custom graduate Invitations. Invitations will be designed in the 4 x 6 landcape or portrait format.

Once your order is placed,  message us with any photos we need to complete your order and the name of the graduate or any info needed to complete your order. 

Last but not least let us know the school colors if the photos do not show the graduate in a cap and gown with the school colors.


Photos - Please send high-quality photos that have not been cropped or have filters added. Your product outcome will be representative of the photo you submit. We do not touch up photos, they are printed as is or we will refuse your order. So if you are unsure if your photos are the right quality for us to work with message us before placing an order.


PROOFS - We will message you within 2-3 business days of purchase (M-F) to show you the proof of your ordered product. 


Please place your order at least 1-2 wks before the day you need them especial the closer to graduation season it gets. Expect turnaround time to be 1wk out from your order placement but keep in mind times may be as early as 3 or 4 days. We will not be held responsible for delays on your part for not answering our emails about your order. So once you place an order please keep a watch out for a progress email from us about your order.


Once image is approved we will do final touches and email it to you.

You can use the image to send to any of the stores participating in the one 1-hour photo. You can also download the photo and take to any of the store participating in printing them yourselves on the photo kiosks, like CVS or Walmart.

If you will be printing them yourself make sure you use the best setting that your printer has to offer. Not setting your settings properly will cause your ink to smudge and have you wasting a lot of ink and paper. Put your paper setting on the setting that matches the type of paper you are using. For instance if you will use glossy photo paper use one that is no less than 30lbs, then put your paper setting on glossy photo paper. Then for Quality put the setting on High or Best which ever is the last choice on your printer. If you have one of ECO TANK printers make sure to turn off fast printing. Fast printing does not allow ink to dry fast while printing and could cause the ink to smudge as well.

Graduate Party Invitiation Only (Digital File Only)

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