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This listing is for a 1hr hands on tutorial class. I will be watching you, not you watching me. So this is a come ready to build type class. You will make one pair of earrings for this class may be able to make two pair if you are quick learner/worker. Circle with hole template is provided in the download so be sure to download it after paying. You can email me first to set your day and time up.



Glossy or matte photo paper ( I love matte Epson Presentation Paper it is the best)

110lb cardstock in your color choice ( I use the Recollections Brand in the color black)

Mod Podge ( I use the orange label bottle- glossy type)
Glitter Carstock (preferrably a color that matches your image)
Jump rings

Ear hooks

or Clip-On assembly if you wish to do clip-ons (If so make sure to specify once you book the class)
Wet Wipes 

1-2 Paper Towel Sheets

You can use regular white carstock to print the image on however the image quality will not be the best but this build if that is all you have it can be used.

If you use Silhouette Studios you will need to have full understanding on how to use your machine and the program, I have no knowlege of the machine or program. Example how to import an image, how to create a circle how to put and image inside the circle or how to slice a circle in an image, how to size a circle, how to print then cut etc.

If you have Cricut Design Space I can walk you through the whole build no matter your level of understanding the machine program....however before signing up for the build class you do need to have the machine out of the box and set up so we can just start because 1hr will only be enough to instruct you on the build. Also please have an image that is ready to use there will be no editing incorporated into this class it is a build basic only type class. I may speak on editing but I will not set aside any time to instruct on it.


Cardstock Earring Class (Not A Nameplate Class)

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