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The notebook features 20 lined dry erase pages so you can write as you wish and erase it at anytime then start all over again. It can be used for years with proper care. It can even be used as a keepsake item. We suggest using the EXPO Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Marker with our dry erase notebooks. The price includes shipping, local pickup will be the same price as shipped.


For your front cover you can choose 1 photo or multiple images (no more than 8) of your choice. On the back you can choose 1-4 images of your choice. If you choose multiple images we will put them in a randomly chosen photo collage depending on the number of images you choose to use. You can also have a name or phrase on the front cover. Please specify any specific colors when ordering.


You can choose 1-2 images to go on every other lined page inside or you can choose to have no images on your lined pages. Our logo and/or qr code will be displayed on the outside back or inside back of the notebook.

5 x 8 Non Dry Erase or Dry Erase Custom Notebook

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